Indienet is an initiative led by Indie to explore the development and deployment of Federated Personal Web Sites (FPWS) to empower people with individual sovereignty and a healthy commons in the digital/networked age. The first round of development (Jan-April, 2018) was realised with financial support and development resources from Digipolis at the The City of Ghent.

The Indienet initiative is being led by Aral Balkan with invaluable support in Ghent from Martine Delannoy, Chief of Foresight, and Karl-Filip Coenegrachts, Head of Strategy at the City of Ghent.

The first stage of development began in mid-January and ended at the end of April, 2018. During this time, a two-person development team at The City of Ghent in Belgium developed

Development of Indie Site continues at

Indie Site

Design, define, and develop a Federated Personal Web Site (FPWS) platform. Development is carried out in the open and is published under the AGPL free software license. Federation is planned based on the ActivityPub W3C Recommendation.

The City of Ghent does not aspire to be a panopticon-like, surveillance-based “smart city”. We reject the unethical business model of surveillance capitalism espoused by Silicon Valley.

We don’t want the City and our industry partners to become smarter about our citizens; we want our citizens to become smarter about themselves. Our goal is to empower our citizens with technology that they own and control. Instead of a “smart city”, we want smart citizens.

The first step in this mission is to empower the citizens of Ghent with their own place on the Web – their own Indie Site at their own domain. This is a node in a federated web-based network where people can communicate with each other, the city, and with the world in general.

To realise this vision, we are working with Indie and The City of Ghent.


This living documentation is an important part of the initiative and evolves as the project does. See the docs section for documentation on the documentation project itself.

Source code

Please note that the project itself and this documentation are in a constant state of development.


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