Indie Site Deployment

When called with a valid and authenticated POST request to the Site Service, the Magic Website Factory:

  1. Registers the requested domain.
  2. Configures an Indie Site (see Configuration, below).
  3. When ready, calls the passed callback URL to inform of the status of the operation.

Application details

Indie Site (source):

  • Is a pure Node.js application
  • Is single process (uses an in-process LevelDB database)
  • Only has node module dependencies (npm install)


Indie Site expects its configuration data to be accessible from the following directory, which must be set up by the Magic Website Factory:


Inside that directory, it expects the following file:


The installer-secret.json file contains the secret sign-up code that was passed in the POST request to the Site Service:

  "secretSignupCode": "<secret sign up code>"

If a ~/indie/installer-secret.json file exists, Indie Site uses the secret sign-up code to authenticate the initial configuration call from This is to prevent an edge-case where a malicious actor might gain access and ownership of newly-created Indie Sites before the legitimate owner has had a chance to set up their password and claim ownership.


To run Indie Site in production:

npm start

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