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ActivityPub and JavaScript

Projects working on implementing ActivityPub in JavaScript are quite rare at the time of this writing (January 2018).

Here are a few that we’ve been able to find. It might be interesting to keep an eye on these both to see how we can learn from them and to see if our implementation can help them.

  • Pump.io (source) is the most mature JavaScript project of its kind that we could find. “ActivityPub is very similar to the pump.io API/protocol. Conceptually speaking it can be thought of as a slightly simplified version of the pump.io stack, and using ActivityStreams 2.0 instead of the original ActivityStreams spec.” (Source). @ajordan@w3c.social is the lead maintainer. See this toot.

  • indieweb-for-all: “A service providing an IndieWeb/ActivityPub profile for users without the technical knowledge to maintain their own site. Not yet ready for public use.” Last update: ~11 months ago. Possibly abandoned.

  • serverless-activitypub: “An implementation of an ActivityPub Server.” Currently incomplete. Has implemented the Social API protocol. Last updated ~10 months ago. Possibly abandoned.

  • activitypub-web: “An ActivityPub Web Client.” Seems to be a vanilla Create React App template at the moment. Last updated ~10 months ago. Possibly abandoned.

Notable ActivityPub implementations

  • Mastodon: “The world’s largest free, open-source, decentralized microblogging network” (Written in Ruby on Rails.)

Also see ActivityPub implementation reports.

Matrix integration

Discussion on the Mastodon issue tracker about integrating Matrix.


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