The Indienet Engine is a loosely-coupled ActivityPub server implementation for single-person web apps in JavaScript (Node.js) that handles the following features via REST and WebSocket APIs and message persistence (see technology stack):

sequenceDiagram participant A as AP Server participant B as Engine participant C as Database participant D as AP Server participant E as Client A->>B: delivery B->>C: persistence B->>D: delivery D->>B: delivery E->>B: publickey authentication request B->>E: Authentication OK (JWT token) E->>B: new message B->>C: persistence C->>B: event B->>A: delivery B->>D: delivery B->>E: delivery


An installation must be configurable to set:

  • The domain that it runs on (this is the domain that will act as the ActivityPub server)
  • Account details of the owner (name, description, photo)

This configuration will have to be carried out automatically for seamless deployments (to be designed).

Author: Aral Balkan Last modified: 16/02/2018 Words: ~200 Reading time: 1 min